To give all our published books the right mix of exposure and reach to its target audience, our marketing team performs competitive analysis, and indulges into the development of various marketing strategies that help the audience reach to their interest of books more appropriately.

Our strategies include:


In addition to our online book selling, ikbooks also maintains a customized Mailing List for customers who wish to receive new book announcements, event listings, and exclusive discount offers in their fields of interest. These emails provide direct links to our product pages for easy ordering.

Social Media

We are active on several social networking communities and use them to promote our authors and their books. Visibility on LinkedIn , Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social media outlets are a part of our integrated marketing tactics.

Trade Shows And Conference Exhibits

Ikbooks exhibits in all major trade shows and participates in university book exhibitions. Many books are sold directly during these events or sometimes are recommended by the faculties for their course study. Our authors often conduct seminars and present their books at these events, which can be key to launching a book by promoting it within a specific market/audience.