About Us

I.K International Pvt. Ltd. is committed to provide its readers – students, faculties, researchers and professionals the best of services and to offer books with content quality very meaningful and relevant through our book publishing capabilities and spreading knowledge all over the world. We are a recognized name in the national and international book publishing market with our strong and extended distribution network connecting readers and authors across the globe – enabling smooth and efficient flow of knowledge and learning.

Our core area of textbook publication is Science & Technology and we cater to all the segments of the educational market - colleges, students, teachers, libraries, distributors and many more through our reference works, monographs, textbooks and journals. Our broad spectrum of subjects includes Life Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology, Economics, Finance, Business Management, Psychology, Humanities and Social Sciences, Hotel Management, Food Science & Technology and Medicine. Our skilled and dedicated team is always in search of authors who understand the needs of our readers. We constantly work with our current and esteemed family of authors to publish books that reach out to a larger audience and help educate students.

IK Publishing house strives to deliver personalized solutions, customized content and innovative products combined with latest digital technologies.

Vision : To cater to every possible need of the teaching—learning and self-learning communities in higher education and continuing/professional education in the disciplines we publish.

Mission Statement : To remain passionate about educational publishing and to be committed to remain faithful, progressive and trustworthy as a publisher of reliable, authentic and need-based educational materials in the eyes of the students, teachers, instructors, academicians, researchers and professionals.