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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Matrix Method of Structural Analysis
Matrix Method of Structural Analysis
Elements of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Fundamentals of Epigenetics
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Electrical Systems Design Data Handbook
Design of Machine Elements  (Volume-I)
Electrical Systems Design
Managerial Economics
A Textbook on Analog Systems and Applications
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Statistical Concepts and Methods
Power Plant System Design
Biotechnical and Soil Bioengineering Slope Stabilization
Multivariable Mathematics
The Finite Element Method in Electromagnetics, 3rd Edition
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Author Interview

Q What made you write a book on The Fearless Traveller?

I have been inspired to travel far and wide by my life partner Sanjiv Gupta. He has trained extensively and summited major peaks in inclement weather.

As a physician practising medicine for the last three decades I have been actively involved in providing care to travellers during medical emergencies. This has included evacuation by air or road, treatment and rehabilitation and repatriation back home. This has led me to an understanding of the intricacies of travel medicines, a multi-disciplinary team approach and dealing with the nuances of insurance companies and airlines. As a passenger, I have taken part in handling mid-air emergencies and decisions for emergency landing on numerous occasions.

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  • Q What made you writa a book on Culinary Economics?

    Chefs are responsible for food costs. Throughout my career, I have had a tight-fisted approach towards food and administative costs. Tireless striving to control costs have given me opportunities to examine costs differently and train my sous chefs and kitchen personnel on effective food cost controls. Critical control points for control of food costs extends beyound day to day food productoin . My knowledge and insights was the oportunity to be of service to the hospitality industry, to give back, and to enable the chefs to create the right ecosystem towards economics of food production. I have therefore undertaken an evangelist mission in writting the book.

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Book Launch - Kurukshetra University

Honourable Vice-Chancellor, Kurukshetra University, Prof. Som Nath Sachdeva, Book Launch Ceremony "Textbook of Microbiology for B.Sc Nursing ...


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1- Engineering Drawing: With Auto CAD, 3/e by B.V.R. Gupta & M. Raja Roy 2- Theory of Machines: Kinematics and Dynamics by B.V.R. Gupta


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